Theme areas of the company´s 
research and development

In the field of research and development, KYBERNETES, s.r.o. focuses on application areas of cybernetics, while the main application areas are:

of industrial processes

In a wide range, with the emphasis on the design and development of adaptive and autonomous control of complex technological processes and network control systems, with the focus on:

design and development of industrial electronics – especially in the categories of multi-input sensor, diagnostic and communication modules,

intelligent algorithms – in particular of neuron networks in the area of identification of the controlled system, creation of a model of the controlled system, with its subsequent use for the prediction and control with online adjustment of control constants, with the emphasis on real-time systems,

spatial computer vision in control – or machine vision, with the objective to get required information from an image, which enter the control algorithm of the technological process in the product manufacturing phase as well as in the product testing phase,

multi-agent distributed network control systems – the emphasis in this field is laid on the design and implementation of optimal and reliable topologies and algorithms of network control systems and on the design of communication between elements of such a heterogenous network control system with the focus on formalism of ontologies and formats of multi-agent communication in network control systems.



Especially industrial robotics and autonomous mobile robotics. The emphasis of the field of research in industrial robotics is laid on:

 development of methods and algorithms – increasing the versatility and autonomy of industrial robots,

 automated design and generation of algorithms of robot manipulator,

 spatial computer vision – in industrial robotics, whose objective is to get required spatial information from an image, which enter the control and decision-making algorithm of industrial robots in the product manufacturing phase as well as in the product testing phase,

 communication algorithms – for the communication of an industrial robot with standard industrial control systems and with other industrial robots.

In the field of autonomous mobile robotics, in our research, we focus on:

 design and development of electronics – in the field of control units and interfaces of autonomous mobiles robots,

 spatial computer vision in mobile robotics, whose objective is to get required spatial information from an image, which enter the control and decision-making algorithm of an autonomous mobile robot,

 integration and processing of data from heterogenous sensor systems with the objective to achieve optimal control,

■ development of control and decision-making algorithms,

 communication algorithms with the emphasis on cloud software services and communication of an autonomous mobile robot with other agents of a multi-agent system.




To be a stable and safe company for all employees, customers, cooperating organisations, scientific and technical society, and all other cooperating entities.                        


Strengthen the scientific and research position of the company in the national and international spaces, with the orientation on the cooperation of the industry with the university environment, with the use of international contacts within EAEEIE (European Association for Education in Electrical and Information Engineering).


Apply research and development results by the deployment of the latest methods from the field of cybernetics, automation, artificial intelligence, and information and communication technologies in individual branches of the industry.



Play an important role in the filed of innovations in the industry in Slovakia and abroad.



Build and strengthen the research and development infrastructure of the company in the area of technical and room equipment as well as in the area of employee base at the level of European and world research laboratory standards in cybernetics.                 


Patent technical solutions and equipment that are outputs of the research and development activity of the company.



Achieve scientific and research results that are publishable at professional international congresses, symposia and conferences and in Current Contents magazines.



Popularize science and research in the field of cybernetics for the general public in the form of publications in the domestic popular science magazines.


Company profile

KYBERNETES s.r.o. was founded at the beginning of 2007. The purpose of the foundation of the company was to create and deploy the latest methods and technologies in the fields of cybernetics, automation, artificial intelligence, informatics, and communication technologies in individual branches of the industry at home and abroad.

The main activity is to secure the specification of automated control and robotic systems on the basis of customers’ requirements, their supply, startup, programming, and introduction of the technology into technical operation.

Since its origin, the company has been closely cooperating with academic and scientific institutions and participating in laboratory conditions in the development of new methods in the field of modern control algorithms.

In its initial years, the company followed research and development processes at academic institutions, in particular at the Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (FEI TU Košice), and with further following of and participation in laboratory tasks, with connection to the practice – trainings in the intelligent distributed control systems laboratory of the Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence Department of FEI TU Košice.

The connecting factor for the development of cooperation between the “academic ground” and the business environment were also representatives of Kybernetes, s.r.o., Mr. Ján Liguš, Eng., PhD., together with his wife, Jana Ligušová, Eng., PhD. Already during their long-term work on the university ground, an idea of transforming theoretical knowledge into practical solutions was born. They are able to effectively optimize ongoing processes and, on top of that, allow to save funds.

Practical conditions have shown the need of continuous evolution and development of new technologies in the field of system management and control, in particular in manufacturing and processing companies.

The company currently also cooperates with various commercial companies, most significant of which in science and research is the company Betamont s.r.o. KYBERNETES nowadays represents an active company in sophisticated fields of cybernetics, artificial intelligence, robotics, measurement automating technology, and development of electronic systems. In these industries, high demand for innovations in synergy with the research of new technological solutions is taking place. They, on the one hand, safe funds and, on the other hand, reduce the time necessary for the implementation of some procedures in the mentioned branches of the industry.

KYBERNETES s.r.o. is the member of Slovak.AI (Slovak Research Center for Artificial Intelligence) which was founded in 2019 as a platform for excellence in the field of artificial intelligence and as a platform bringing together students, researchers, entrepreneurs, teachers, investors and all others who are interested in artificial intelligence, professionally and / or who are excited about the amazing potential artificial intelligence brings.

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Share of funds obtained by the application of research and development in the economic practice.

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Organisational structure 
of the company


Company Officer

Ing. Ján LIGUŠ, PhD.


Research and Development Department

Ing. Jana LIGUŠOVÁ, PhD.

research, development, programming, IT administration

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administration, purchasing, sales, accounting


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